A Community Rural Crime Prevention Project

It seems to members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club that crime rates in the rural community hit an all time high in 2016. Our aim at Fields Of Vision is to reduce rural crime, by enabling the local community to take the initiative as crime fighters.

With the use of the latest technology, Fields Of Vision enables local community members to share information about suspicious incidents and crime in real time.

This intelligence, quickly shared with other community members and police can help to both prevent crime and catch the perpetrators should crime occur.

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What crimes are we looking to prevent.

  • We aim to prevent ‘opportunist’ rural crimes such as burglary, theft, rustling, vandalism etc.
  • A reduction in rural crime makes people feel safer in their communities, cuts uninsured losses and insurance premiums.
  • It also has a feel good factor from working together to stop people who have no respect for the law. etc.

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Fields of Vision - Rural Crime