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About Fields of Vision A Rural Crime Prevention Project

About Fields of Vision A Rural Crime Prevention Project
Fields Of Vision is a rural intelligence gathering scheme set up by Worth Valley Young Farmers Club with their Club Leader, Andrew Wood who conceived the idea.

In 2016 many of the club’s members and their families were victims of rural crime.

With stretched police resources and limited crime prevention schemes covering rural areas the seeds for the Fields Of Vision project were sown.

The simple idea allows rural people to work as a network to reduce rural crime and help the police catch the criminals if and when it does occur.

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  • Fields Of Vision works by utilising WhatsApp- a free smart phone messaging application, which is available on Android and Apple devices. Those wishing to join must register via the website, this prevents misuse of the valuable service and only allows people who are genuinely interested in rural crime prevention to be part of the pilot.

    Our aim is to get 256 extra pairs of eyes and ears helping the police in rural areas, a goal we can definitely achieve with your help. Following sign up you will receive information and an invitation to the private WhatsApp group to become part of the crime-fighting project.

    Once you become a representative of Fields Of Vision, should you come across something suspicious in your local area you can quickly post a message in the group and keep up to date with messages from other members too.

  • Countryside communities are very close knit, generally everyone knows everyone else, and as a result rural people have a sixth sense. They know strange activity when they see it, but often refrain from ringing 999 to avoid wasting valuable police time.

    The Fields Of Vision service allows them to communicate this activity with fellow members so that they can be on the lookout should the suspects move along to their village, farm or land. If enough people are seen blatantly watching, taking notes and photographing the suspects it will unnerve them, make them leave the area and hopefully encourage them not to return.

  • If you see a crime taking place then you should immediately ring 999 and give the police as much information as possible.

    However, after calling the police you can also put the details on to the WhatsApp group conversation. This way if the police don’t arrive in time, people looking out for the criminals can supply valuable information that can help them eventually catch them.

    Vehicle types, number plates, what the suspects looked like and how they were dressed can help the police catch the perpetrators.

    • We aim to prevent ‘opportunist’ rural crimes such as burglary, theft, rustling, vandalism etc.
    • We combine modern technology with community spirit to cut rural crime.
    • A reduction in rural crime makes people feel safer in their communities, cuts losses and insurance premiums. It also has a feel good factor from working together to stop people who have no respect for the law.