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01/11/2018 - Keybury Fire and Security’s First ‘Tip of the Month’

Keybury Fire and Security’s first monthly tip – Highlight Crime

We’re really pleased to be able to support Fields of Vision’s aim to reduce rural crime. We’ll be bringing our security tips to FoV’s monthly newsletter to help to improve security across rural communities. According to, there’s around a 25% spike in burglaries in the autumn and winter months. With the clocks going back, shorter days and more hours of darkness, you won’t be surprised that our first tip is to “shine a light” on criminals. Outdoor security lighting with motion sensors that activate when movement is detected in an area are a great deterrent. A bright light which comes on suddenly can startle a criminal and put them off.

If you’ve got – are considering getting – a CCTV system, then opt for security lights with LED bulbs rather than the traditional halogen bulbs. Unlike LEDs, Halogen lights can affect the quality of a CCTV image. Check your security lights are working and that they use LEDs. We’ll be back next month with another security tip.   – Keybury Fire & Security


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