Terms & Conditions

Rules, terms and conditions for membership of Fields of Vision Rural Intelligence


Before signing up to Fields of Vision, potential members are expected to have access to a smart phone and have downloaded onto it WhatsApp, the free smart phone messaging application. As part of that download you should have agreed to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions and participation in Fields of Vision does not affect those terms and conditions.

Conversation Capacity

In each geographical area where a fields of vision group is started there will be a limit of 256 places in the WhatsApp conversation. Should the number of members and applications to be members exceed that total then membership will be allocated on a first come first served basis. A waiting list will be maintained with new members going on as others are removed or leave the group.

Eligibility to become a member

Members of Fields of Vision must be 13 years of age of over.


Every participant must fill in their own registration form unless the person completing the form is doing so as the parent or guardian of a participant aged under 18 in which case the parent or guardian must inform the participant that they have signed the terms and conditions on their behalf and that their participation in the project will be governed by these terms.


Fields of Vision is not responsible for any phone charges that providers or WhatsApp may charge. Due to support from the West Yorkshire Police Safer Communities Fund the one year pilot of Fields of Vision scheme in the Worth Valley is free for members. Should the pilot be successful, the organisers of Fields of Vision may implement a charge in future. Members would be notified in advance before this charge commenced. In areas outside the Worth Valley a registration fee may be charged at the discretion of the organisers.

Withdrawal of the scheme

Fields of Vision reserve the rights to cease the project in the Worth Valley Area after year one of the project and to cease the project outside of the Worth Valley at any point.

Our right to refuse or withdraw your membership

The Fields Of Vision moderators reserve the right to refuse anyone the right to membership without further explanation. Those granted membership can have it withdrawn at any time without notice.

Handling and storage of your personal data

Please be aware that by registering you authorise Fields of Vision to process your personal and sensitive data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for the purposes of this project. We have registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and follow their guidelines. By ticking the terms and conditions box on our registration form you agree to Fields of Vision using your personal and sensitive data for the purposes of this project. We will never sell or give your data to others.

Our right to promote our partners.

We reserve the right to mention our partners and sponsors through our three platforms of website, Facebook and WhatsApp together with a quarterly email newsletter to our members.

Updated member information

Participants are personally responsible for updating the organisers with any new address and telephone details.

Rights to use photos and text from posts for legal or publicity purposes

By signing up to our terms and conditions you agree to Fields of Vision using photos and/ or text that you have posted on the Fields of Vision platforms to pass to police for use in their enquiries. We will also pass your personal information to police if they express a wish to talk to you further with a view to collecting evidence or a statement. We also reserve the right to use photos and text that you have posted on our site for publicity purposes though we would always ask you first if you are happy for your details to be passed on as the contributor of the intelligence.

Responsibility and Liability

Members of Fields of Vision take part at their own risk and are entirely responsible for their own comments. Neither Worth Valley Young Farmers Clubs nor the Fields of Vision team or its sponsors and partners accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage suffered by any member personally or to their property as a result of participating in the absence of negligence or breach of statutory duty on the part of either Fields of Vision or its sponsors.

Personal accident and public liability insurance cover is advised to cover any loss, damage or injury you may sustain yourself or to your personal property or cause to a third party or their property. Your clicking on the box in the online entry confirms your acceptance of these conditions of entry. If during your participation as a member you are involved in an incident with a third party please ensure that you pass on all your details as required, it is not the responsibility of Fields of Vision to do so.

In addition neither Worth Valley Young Farmers Clubs nor the Fields of Vision team or its sponsors and partners accept responsibility for any libel, slander or defamation cases arising from members posts. Fields of vision has guidelines for its members in terms of behaviour and has put in place rules which discourage members from publicly identifying anyone or their motor vehicle on the Fields of Vision platform. As such we accept no responsibility for any statement posted by members which may be factually incorrect, slanderous, libel or cause defamation of character, be offensive, or which effect people in any other negative way.

Contacting the police

Members guidelines state that where criminal activity or suspicious activity is taking place it is the responsibility of members to first contact the police before using the Fields of Vision platforms. Fields of Vision and its organisers and moderators can not be held responsible for not passing information onto the police.

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